Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shurpa?

Shurpa is a last mile delivery company that is changing the way online purchases are delivered. By operating directly from fulfillment to doorstep we create faster shipping times for merchants. By providing greater transparency and control we create better experiences for consumers.

How are you different from FedEx/UPS/USPS?

We are concerned with the last leg of the delivery process - putting the package in the customer's hands. We can deliver when it fits customers' schedules, while simultaneously offering unparalleled communication capabilities. The big carriers specialize in bulk and long range deliveries, whereas we create tailored solutions for the only physical touch point in ecommerce.

How are you different from Uber Rush/Postmates/DoorDash?

We handle same-day and next-day deliveries, whereas those others do on-demand deliveries. We stay away from on-demand and focus on batched deliveries that have prescribed fulfillment and drop off windows, which allows us to better optimize and therefore forward on cost savings.

How do I contact customer service?

When a package is going to be delivered you will receive a text notification that includes a link to a tracking and status page. You can respond to this text or call the number its from to contact Shurpa. You can also email to reach us.

Who are your customers?

We will work with any merchant or fulfillment service that produces sufficient volume. We specialize in helping companies with difficult delivery needs, including perishable goods, age-verification needs, and bulky items.

How can I customize the delivery experience?

You can offer delivery windows demanded by your customers, customize SMS/email receipts, and even add a white label delivery experience to enhance your brand.

Do you have delivery tracking and notifications for merchants?

We offer our clients a dashboard view of their deliveries along with notifications when a delivery might be late to enable proactive customer service.

How much does it cost?

We offer competitive pricing that is customized based on the number of deliveries and their locations.

Who works at Shurpa?

Shurpa recruits drivers out of the gig economy and most also drive for Lyft and/or Uber. Our driver team is a diverse group of professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

How do I become a driver?

You can sign up to be a driver here.

How safe is Shurpa?

We carefully screen all of our drivers to ensure that they are able legally work in the US, are over 21 years old, passed a background check, have reliable vehicles, and have active car insurance. In addition to these requirements, we conduct in-person interviews and training sessions, require a ride-along with an experienced driver, and continually track performance for each Shurpa driver.

Do you offer services directly to consumers?

No, but consumers can demand this level of service from their favorite online store!