Shurpa is the end of missed deliveries and stolen packages. Just sign up to get your unique code, then use our address as your shipping address whenever you buy something online. We’ll send you a photo of each package as it arrives at Shurpa HQ, and allow you to schedule package delivery with a simple text message.

This company was started by passionate online shoppers, who were fed up with missed deliveries, stolen packages, and Saturdays spent at the Post Office, tracking down a lost package.

While our shopping interests range from vintage glasses frames to photography, electronics, shoes and art, our passion for secure package delivery remains the same.

We have been on wedding registries and helped people re-locate from the coasts. We service wine collectors and sneaker heads, fashionistas and technorati.

We believe firmly that life should not revolve around package delivery. Save those personal days for your college roommate’s wedding in Malibu… we’ll be here to receive your packages, and deliver them on your schedule.

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