We Help Ecommerce Brands Compete on Great Delivery

Shurpa is changing the way online purchases are delivered. We design consumer-centric delivery operations that yield faster shipping times and better experiences for customers, allowing companies to compete on the only physical touch-point of ecommerce.

The Trouble with Missed Deliveries

20% Of deliveries fail on the first attempt
63% Of online shoppers say a botched delivery will impact their future purchases with that brand
$12.7B Lost productivity each year due to redeliveries
11M Americans reported a stolen package last year
$1.7B Lost yearly due to missing and stolen packages

Consumer Trends

49% Of customers report quality of delivery as the #1 factor in their decisions about which retailers to shop with online
42% Of customers report having higher delivery expectations than two years ago
65% Of consumers globally consider the ability to change delivery instructions an important factor when selecting a delivery company
41% Of consumers want hyper local delivery and 38% would pay for it
74% Of consumers said they would shop more online if they had more control over delivery
64% Of shoppers describe ideal package delivery as picking the exact time and day of delivery so they could be home

Shurpa Solves these Problems

Our platform marries a peerless gig-economy courier fleet with technology that continuously improves based on actual delivery operations and enables us to go from fulfillment to doorstep with a 99.2% delivery success rate.

Shurpa's Features