The first AI built to optimize home healthcare scheduling and logistics

Shurpa Health is the first system built from the ground up for optimizing in-home healthcare. We leverage our proprietary AI to maximize efficiency while driving adherence to mandatory care and regulatory timeframes

Built and designed for tons of different clinical use cases

In-home assessments

Shurpa tracks recurring annual compliance requirements and plan routes for assessors in the field, to drive maximum efficiency

Hospital at Home

The Shurpa system is capable of managing multiple roles and skill levels, creating concentric routes that deliver a fully integrated hospital-at-home experience, with full visibility for patients

Infusions & Dialysis

Our AI tracks infusions and dialysis schedules, planning flexible schedules and routes to meet your changing workforce demands

Shurpa drives efficiency while decreasing risk

Driving Efficiency

Our AI can be configured to any workflow or home healthcare use case. We have a proven track record of driving double-digit efficiency gains -- both in terms of overall appointments completed, as well as appointments completed within their scheduled time frame. We offer dynamic re-routing capabilities in the event of last-minute changes and custom reporting for your management team

Decreasing Risk

The Shurpa system tracks all required visits and ensures your workforce planning is meeting those obligations. We can forecast workforce shortages based on your recurring appointment commitments and head off compliance issues before they ever begin

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